The Indian Medical Tourism Association is a Association for the Medical Tourism and International Patient Industry. The Indian Medical Tourism Association works with healthcare providers, governments, insurance companies, employers and other buyers of healthcare - in their medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives - with a focus on providing the highest quality transparent healthcare. The Indian Medical Tourism Association is also committed to raising consumer awareness of international healthcare options, and has specific initiatives designed to educate and increase the number of consumers who travel for healthcare.

We are working closely with Dr.Debu Tripathy-Chairman Breast Oncology of M.D.Anderson,University of Texas to get the best know-how and latest techniques and technologies.

The Indian Medical Tourism Association is also committed to educating consumers about their options internationally for medical treatment. You can learn more about these initiatives below.

The Indian Medical Tourism Association educates consumers through its programs; such as its Health & Wellness Destination Guides and through its website

Education and Training

The Indian Medical Tourism Association offers educational training, certification, and other brand-development programs to hospitals, healthcare providers, and governments who actively work towards developing a sustainable medical tourism program and increasing patient volume.      

WHAT IS THE Indian Medical Tourism Association® ?

The Indian Medical Tourism Association®, is the membership based association for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry made up of the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment. Our Association promotes the interests of its healthcare provider and medical tourism facilitator members. The Indian Medical Tourism Association®  has three tenets: Transparency inQuality and Pricing, Communication and Education.


The Indian Medical Tourism Association® seeks to provide transparency in both quality of care and pricing. Every day we see more and more that the globalization of healthcare has created a very flat world. We exchange technology, information, communication, physicians and patients. In order to ensure patient safety, it is our goal to create a transparency about the quality of healthcare that can be found in each country. With this, it is increasingly important to create a transparency in pricing as well so patients traveling overseas for care can be sure of what they are receiving without hidden costs or unforeseen expenses. The Indian Medical Tourism Association® is also working on the Quality of Care Project, which will change the way we look at the reporting of global healthcare statistics and the quality of care available at hospitals around the world.


The Members of the Indian Medical Tourism Association® agree that communication is the key to success, particularly with respect to ensuring positive patient outcomes. The members of the Indian Medical Tourism Association® have agreed to put competition aside and work together to resolve the issues one by one and to work together to address them as they arise. We have created a forum for communication for all of the actors in the global healthcare environment.


Although we live in a world where information is at our fingertips, there are so many people who lack the information that they can receive the highest quality of care outside of their home country. Some patients in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have a lack of access to healthcare due to high cost and high wait times. Patients in some other regions as in some parts of Africa and the Middle East do not have access to high quality of care in their own country and need to look elsewhere. Some patients just would like to travel outside of their country for healthcare to incorporate high quality of care with a holiday and tourism. Regardless of the reason, patients need education and information to understand what they should look for in finding a provider overseas and considerations that should be taken seriously to ensure patients' safety. As insurance companies continue to incorporate global healthcare and medical tourism options into their benefit plans and domestic healthcare providers are required to treat patients for aftercare when patients return to their home country, education is required to accomplish this seamlessly. The Indian Medical Tourism Association® strives to provide education to anyone with any interest in this industry using various means: the media, conferences, and through the Medical Tourism Magazine and Wellness Tourism Magazine. The Medical Tourism Magazine and the Wellness Tourism Magazine bi-monthly medical tourism and health tourism trade journals aimed at providing a wealth of information for anyone interested in or affected by the globalization of healthcare. 

Our Mission

  • To raise awareness of the high level of quality healthcare available in various countries.
  • To promote positive and stable growth of the Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Industry with a strong focus on Transparency and Communication.
  • To provide an unbiased source of information for patients, insurance companies and employers about top hospitals, their quality of care and outcomes.
  • To protect the reputation of Medical Tourism from disreputable hospitals, healthcare providers and medical tourism facilitators which may not have the same level of quality healthcare and standards.
  • To serve as one voice for purposes of dealing with government organizations and the media to protect the reputation of the Indian Medical Tourism Association®'s members.
  • To promote and provide a forum for communication and to increase connectivity between patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.
  • To seek out future affiliated industries and technologies that will allow international healthcare providers to operate more efficiently in the global healthcare industry.
  • To educate patients, insurance companies, agents, brokers, consultants and physicians from around the world about the growth of medical tourism and the globalization of healthcare.

How is the Indian Medical Tourism Association Different?

We are a True, Un-Biased Indian Medical Tourism Association® .The Medical Tourism Association® was not founded by any government or governmental organization, hospital, or private for-profit corporation, nor are we funded by or indirectly run or controlled by any such organizations. The Indian Medical Tourism Association® is truly an unbiased association influenced only by the will and intent of its Executive Board Members.

We have Full Time Staff

The Indian Medical Tourism Association® is the only industry organization with a full time staff dedicated to promoting the goals of its members. We are the only organization with staff and offices located in different regions.

We Promote a Forum for Communication

The Indian Medical Tourism Association® has forged strong alliances between its members. Our organization is the only association with the capability to connect members with the largest number of media contacts, insurance companies and other opportunities to grow the businesses of its members. We have monthly teleconferencing to discuss the issues common to everyone involved and creating a pyramidal structure for the growth of the industry to withstand the test of time.

We Educate

The Indian Medical Tourism Association® focuses on education. The Medical Tourism Magazine is a bi-monthly journal that is for anyone wishing to receive a subscription electronically. The revenues received through advertising are used to support the cost of producing the magazine and for increasing the printed distribution. Other magazines and newsletters have been created specifically to generate profits for private corporations and do not represent the industry or the interests of the industry.

Members of the Indian Medical Tourism Association® will speak internationally at conferences and other venues to educate about the issues involved in the globalization of healthcare. This includes speaking engagements for physician groups, employer groups, consulting firms, insurance agents and brokers, and governmental organizations. Indian Medical Tourism Association® regularly consults foreign governments about the growth of the industry in other countries, the opportunities created through marketing and the benefits of ultimately improving the quality of care within their national borders.

We Impact the Private and Public Sector

Many people believe medical tourism is a new phenomenon. This is just not true. People have been traveling outside of their borders for decades. The potential for this growing trend towards globalization is not designed to improve just the private sector. Raising the quality of care internationally in the private sector can have extremely positive effects on the public sector as well. The Indian Medical Tourism Association® connects hospitals and countries with accreditation systems making the highest level of technology and healthcare information available to people from around the world in both the private and public sector.Medical tourism is a growing sector in India. In October 2017, India's medical tourism sector was estimated to be worth US$4 billion. It is projected to grow to $25 – 30 billion by 2020.