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Kuwait's Ambassador to India Launched 'Women In Kuwait- Turning Tides' Book By Chaitali B. Roy

                                                                                                                      Ambassador of Kuwait to India H.E. Fahad Ahmad Al Awadhi lauded                                                                                                                       Kuwaiti women for their immense contribution to the progress of their                                                                                                                       country. He said that Kuwaiti women play a stellar role in the                                                                                                                                     development and progress of modern Kuwait with their contribution in                                                                                                                       all spheres of life be it academics, international relations, art and                                                                                                                               culture, politics or journalism which the ambassador was speaking at                                                                                                                       the launch of the book which was organized at the Kuwait Embassy                                                                                                                         premises in New Delhi.

                                                                                                                      In her brief speech, the author Chaitali B. Roy spoke of her long                                                                                                                               association with Kuwait and said that idea of this book took roots 15                                                                                                                         years back when she looked closely to the work and contribution of                                                                                                                           Kuwaiti women. “I am so happy and indebted to the seventeen noble                                                                                                                       souls whose stories have been encapsulated in the book, for putting                                                                                                                         confidence in me and sharing their personal experiences.”

                                                                                                                      Chaitali said that India and Kuwait have shared long history of good                                                                                                                         relation that withstood the test of time, both culturally and                                                                                                                                         economically.  “I am sure this book will go a long way in fostering                                                                                                                             better understanding between the two great nations.”

                                                                                                                     The book, she said, was a tribute to those women whose                       contributions transcend geographical boundaries and help provide better understanding of contemporary issues.

  One of personality mentioned in the book Dr. Haifa Al Ajmi, the first woman to get PhD in Heavy Oil Management in the GCC, flew down             especially for the book launch.  Dr. Haifa also spoke briefly on the women force which is emerging as role model.  She is a Bedouin woman.       who has with the active support of her family, risen above her circumstances to pursue her ambitions. “I got support from my parents and my     family that helped me to give shape to my dreams,” she said.

  Also present at the book launch were Ambassadors from Bahrain, Yemen, Oman and other countries besides the Chief of Arab League             Mission in India.Several leading businessmen and renowned personalities attended the event.

Saudi Arabia National Day   22nd September,2016 Thursday​

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