Going Green for Your Organization

The Indian Medical Tourism Association understands that creating a truly green or sustainable business model including the existing or the future of the design goes far beyond energy performance, portfolio efficiencies, even beyond financial success. Yes, these are crucial elements – but there is more. You will need to transform your business approach. Like a living organism, it has the potential to grow, to learn and to evolve. Sound impossible? It’s not. You will want a partner to help guide you along the way. The Indian Medical Tourism Association can provide you with service providers to assist your development project all the way from process (initial phase) to product (project execution).


  • Consider a holistic solution and avoid the costs of solving individual problems on a one-off basis as they arise.
  • Create an organization that is sustainable and streamline the decision- making process – anticipate the regulatory issues before they become problems.
  • Cultivate a sustainable environment and improve employee satisfaction, increase productivity and even boost community/stakeholder relations.
  • Decrease energy reliance and increase performance, which translates into money saved – and can be reinvested in training, R&D, marketing or other critical core business initiatives.
  • Gain a trusted, experienced partner to keep you and your team informed, ensuring that you stay on top of the issues and ahead of your competition.
  • A holistic enterprise strategy defers a wide range of benefits such as cost savings (tangibles and intangibles), risk management, new market opportunities and brand equity which will create either short term or long term solutions.